44-20-18 Zinc Core Candle Wicks – 1.75 inch – 20pkt (Tealights)

44-20-18 Zinc Core Candle Wicks – 1.75 inch – 20pkt (Tealights)

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44-20-18 Zinc Core Candle Wicks: Perfect for Tealights and Small Candles

Illuminate your creativity with our meticulously crafted 44-20-18 zinc core wicks, tailored to enhance your tealights and small candle projects. Explore their exceptional features:

  • Ideal for Tealights: Designed specifically for tealights and other small candle designs.
  • Convenient Preparations: These wicks come pre-cut, pre-waxed, and pre-tabbed, offering you unmatched convenience.
  • Cool Burning: Characteristically cool-burning nature ensures a controlled and serene candlelit experience.
  • Strong and Rigid: Zinc core construction imparts strength and rigidity, allowing the wicks to remain straight within melted wax.

Discover the harmonious blend of convenience and quality with our 44-20-18 zinc core candle wicks. Create with confidence and watch your tealights and small candles shine brightly.

  • Wick Type: Zinc Core Wick
  • Wick Length: 44.45mm
  • Wick Diameter: 20 mm
  • Candle Type: Tea Lights
  • Container Diameter: 25.4mm
  • Wax Compatibility: Suitable for Soy Wax, Joy Wax, Gel Wax

Illuminate your tea light moments with these wicks, designed to enhance the ambiance of your creations while ensuring ease and quality in your candle-making process.

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