44-24-18 Zinc Core Candle Wicks – 7 inch

44-24-18 Zinc Core Candle Wicks – 7 inch

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44-24-18 Self-Centering Zinc Core Candle Wicks – 3 inch

Craft Perfectly Centered Small Candles with 44-24-18 Self-Centering Zinc Candle Wicks

For those who relish creating smaller candles with precision, our 44-24-18 zinc core wicks offer ideal self-centering capabilities.

Key Specifications

  • Wick Type: Zinc Core Wick
  • Wick Length:177.8mm
  • Wick Diameter: 20 mm

Container Compatibility:

Elevate your candle creations with wicks that fit seamlessly within your containers:

  • Candle Type: Containers, Votives
  • Container Diameter: 50mm – 63.5 mm

Designed to work harmoniously with various wax types for a superior candle crafting experience:

  • Soy Wax: Yes
  • Joy Wax: Yes
  • Gel Wax: Yes
  • Designed for Smaller Creations
    • Length: 76.2mm
    • Tab Diameter: 30mm (Self-Centering)
  • Effortless Crafting
    • Pre-cut, Pre-waxed, and Pre-tabbed for Your Convenience

Enjoy the Benefits

  • Strong and Steady
    • Zinc Core Construction for Stability
    • Rigid Design Keeps Wick Upright in Melted Wax
  • Cool and Controlled Burn
    • Zinc Core Candles Burn Cooler

Versatile Choice

  • Ideal for Various Creations
    • Perfect for a Range of Small Candle Projects
  • Fragrance Oil Compatibility
    • Our Recommendations are Based on Using Fragrance Oils (Not Essential Oil


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