44-28-18 Zinc Core Candle Wicks – 2.5 inch- 20pkt (Votive)

44-28-18 Zinc Core Candle Wicks – 2.5 inch- 20pkt (Votive)

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44-28-18 Zinc Core Candle Wicks – 2.5 inch

Upgrade Your Candle Creations with 44-28-18 Zinc Core Candle Wicks: 2.5-inch

Elevate your candle crafting with our carefully designed 44-28-18 zinc core wicks. Here’s why they’re an excellent choice for your projects:

  • Wick Type: Zinc Core Wick
  • Wick Length: 63.5mm
  • Wick Diameter: 20 mm

Enhance your candle-making experience with the convenience of pre-cut, pre-waxed, and pre-tabbed wicks. The cool-burning nature of zinc core wicks combined with their natural fiber cover ensures an optimal burn. The zinc core imparts strength and rigidity, maintaining a straight posture even in melted wax.

Take your candle creations to the next level with our 44-28-18 zinc core candle wicks, setting the stage for a captivating and flawless burning experience.

These wicks are tailored for containers and votive candles, complementing your creative projects. The container specifics are as follows:

  • Candle Type: Containers, Votives
  • Container Diameter: 50.8mm

When it comes to the wax specifics, these wicks are compatible with various wax types:

  • Soy Wax: Yes
  • Joy Wax: Yes
  • Gel Wax: Yes



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