A27 Performance Soy Blend 5KG

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Introducing Performance Soy Blend A27: Thriving in Warmer Conditions

  • Specially crafted for warmer and more volatile climates
  • Known as the ‘summer blend’ with enhanced stability
  • Resists sweating in hotter conditions and accommodates higher fragrance loads
  • Smooth surface and exceptional fragrance-binding capabilities
  • Developed after a 12-month laboratory testing phase

Key Attributes of Performance Soy Blend A27:

  • Higher sweating point compared to other waxes
  • Enhanced fragrance tolerance of 8-12%
  • Consistent pre and post-burn set with a smooth finish
  • Resistant to sweating and optimal for melts and moulds
  • Exceptional oil absorption for strong hot and cold scent throw

Technical Insights:

  • Peak melting temperature at 53°C
  • The congealing temperature at 45°C
  • Optimal heating range: 80°C – 92°C
  • Suggested pouring range: 62°C – 72°C
  • Suggested max fragrance load: 8-10% (varies with fragrance potency)

Expert Advice: Navigating Usage

  • Prolonged heating above 85°C may cause discoloration
  • Experimentation with different fragrance oils and temperatures is recommended

Our Endorsement: Elevate Your Creations

  • Suitable for all skill levels, especially market traders
  • Resilient and smooth surface, perfect for retail shelves
  • Ideal for weightier, potent oils
  • Create standout candles with captivating scent throw and smooth finish

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