Acrylic Wick Template (4 Wick) -Long Vessel

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Introducing our Acrylic Wick Template for Multi-Wicking the Large Baguette Vessel with 5 Wicks.

Crafted for precision and ease, this wick template empowers you to efficiently create multi-wick candles with the Large Baguette vessel. The base plate, measuring approximately 37.4cm in length and 4cm in width (excluding the leg guides), is thoughtfully designed with bottom feet for stability.

With a slim profile of 0.3cm, the base plate provides optimal guidance for positioning your wicks within the Small Baguette Vessel. Once your wicks are securely placed, the base plate can be effortlessly removed. To further ensure accurate alignment, simply position your pop sticks or preferred wick-centering device over the wicks before pouring. Once your candle has set, remove the centering device and trim the wicks to perfection.

(Note: Base plate colors may vary based on available stock.)

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