Acrylic Wick Template (4 Wick) – Top & Bottom Template Set

Acrylic Wick Template (4 Wick) – Top & Bottom Template Set

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This is a 2 piece Acrylic wick template set for multi-wicking the Large Bowls with 4 wicks.

The base plate is aprox17.5cm Dia and comes with feet on the bottom.

Top frame is aprox 21cm across.  Thickness 0.4cm

  • It comes with a base plate to guide where to position your wicks,
  • once you stick your wicks down remove the base plate.
  • Then position the grid plate over your wicks to keep them in place.
  • Pour your candle, once set remove the grid plate and trim your wicks.

(Base plate colours may vary, depending on stock.


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