Aluminum Pillar Mould 76×165

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Discover the excellence of our durable, one-piece, seamless candle mould designed to effortlessly craft impeccable pillar candles. With a sidewall thickness of 0.04 inches, this mould eliminates the need for seam trimming, ensuring a flawless finish and perfect mould release.

Handle with care: Exercise caution due to sharp edges. Consider seasoning the aluminum mould with silicone release spray or vegetable oil for smooth demoulding. It’s essential not to demould until the candle is completely cooled.


  • Height: 165mm
  • Width: 76mm

Try pairing this mould with our 260mm Wick Pin for added convenience.

Holds: 660 grams of wax plus fragrance

Experience the ease and precision of our seamless candle mould, providing a professional touch to your candle-making process. Elevate your creations with perfectly formed pillar candles, crafted with durability and attention to detail.

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