Beesoy Wax B808 5kg

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BeeSoy B808: The World’s First Flaked Beeswax and Soy Wax Blend

  • Exclusive to All Seasons Wax Co.
  • Premium quality wax blend with ethically sourced beeswax
  • Creates super creamy, 100% candles with the added benefits of beeswax
  • Soothing and calm flame unique to burning beeswax
  • Contains no paraffins or polymers, 100% natural wax

Key Features of BeeSoy B808:

  • Designed for candle makers seeking a unique edge
  • Consistency and quality assured with All Seasons Wax Co.’s hydrogenation method
  • Made entirely from natural products, blended with pure, ethically sourced beeswax
  • Smooth set after burning, high fragrance tolerance of 8-10%
  • Unbeatable container adhesion aids air purity with negative ions released
  • Less frosting due to interference with soy crystallization
  • Fantastic oil absorption for impressive hot and cold scent throw

Technical Information:

  • Peak melting temperature: 48.06°C
  • Congealing temperature: 41.3°C
  • Suggested heating range: 80°C – 92°C
  • Suggested pouring range: 62°C – 72°C
  • Suggested max fragrance load: 8-10% (varies with fragrance potency)

Our Recommendation:

  • Ideal for candle makers striving for market supremacy
  • Natural, premium, and durable with unique qualities
  • Test pouring conditions before mass production
  • Recommended room temperature: 22°C for soy candles
  • Suitable for all skill levels, produces products that keep customers coming back
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