Bow Jar – Ironplate Crystal


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Introducing the Bow Jar—a uniquely designed vessel that perfectly emulates the elegance of a beautifully wrapped gift box. Accompanied by a complimentary molded glass lid, the Bow Jar is an impeccable choice for a wide array of occasions.

Crafted with precision, Luxury Candle Supplies’ Glass Range, including the Bow Jar, is meticulously produced through a hand-mold process, setting it apart from blown or machine-made alternatives. This meticulous approach ensures our Glass Range exhibits superior strength, enhanced safety, and exceptional heat resistance, setting a new standard in the market.

Every LCS Glassware piece undergoes ‘candle-testing’ during production, imparting them with enhanced wax adhesion capabilities compared to others available.

Kindly note that while not dishwasher-safe, a damp cloth is recommended to gently wipe away any interior dust accumulation.


  • External Dimensions: 82mmW (top diameter) x 70mm (height) // 80mmW (base diameter)
  • Inner Dimensions: 69mmW (top diameter) x 40mm (height)
  • Vessel Capacity: 140ml
  • Vessel Weight: 315g

Suitable Wick Size:

  • LCS70
  • Double Layered Wood Wick 13mm
  • S Wave Wood Wick 20mm

Please be aware that personalized wick testing with different wax and oil blends is recommended.

Suitable Packaging:

  • Small Smart Box

Available for purchase as individual units.

Carton Size:

  • 32 units


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