Cambridge Large Clear Candle Jar


$4.07 inc. GST

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  • Wax Quantity (Unscented): Approximately 285 grams
  • Glass Weight: About 401 grams
  • Wick: HTP 126
  • Burn Time: Approximately 48 Hours (using soy wax)

Product Description:

  • The Cambridge candle glassware range draws inspiration from the timeless elegance of the Oxford design, with an added touch of a striking curved base.
  • Crafted through an advanced glass-molding process, the Cambridge jar departs from traditional hand-blown glass techniques, ensuring sturdier walls for enhanced safety and reduced breakage risk.
  • Seamless Compatibility: The Cambridge collection shares qualities with the Oxford range, making all Oxford packaging products seamlessly compatible with Cambridge glassware.

Important Note:

  • Wick Recommendation: While the recommended wick (HTP 126) provides a starting point, it’s important to acknowledge that variations in fragrance and wax compositions may necessitate adjustments to the wick size.
  • Personal Wick Testing: To determine the ideal wick for your specific candle formulation and achieve optimal performance, conducting personal wick testing is essential.
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