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Introducing the Enhanced Version: Larger Beads for Greater Fragrance Retention

Discover the new and improved Eva Beads with an enhanced bead size that offers even greater fragrance absorption. These small plastic beads are designed to absorb both fragrance and color, making them ideal for use as air fresheners. Depending on the fragrance or essential oil used, the delightful scents can last up to an impressive 6 months.

Each bead measures approximately 3/4mm in size, ensuring optimal fragrance diffusion.

To use, simply place the beads within a zip lock bag, and add up to 20%-30% of your chosen fragrance along with a small quantity of liquid dye. Carefully seal the bag and massage the contents, allowing them to blend. Leave the mixture to cure and infuse with the desired aroma.

With a melt point of 63 degrees Celsius, these Eva Beads are a convenient and effective way to infuse your space with captivating scents.

NOTE: Please be aware that Eva beads are not intended to swell.

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