Limited Edition Fragrance 100ml NOIR OUD WOOD


$10.54 inc. GST

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The use of fragrance oils will be dependent on the product you are creating. Please refer to the guide below for suggested ratios suitable for your product.

IMPORTANT! Please note, that the below values are suggestions only. We recommend users conduct their own testing with intended blends of wax and oil for optimal results.

CandleCandles  6% – 10%
DiffuserDiffuser 20% – 30%


For optimum results, we strongly recommend users conduct their own tests with different blends of wax and oils that they intend to use.

Please note, the product photo may differ from the actual item in terms of colour due to lighting and/or manufacturing. Please note colour of the oil will vary with different fragrances. The viscosity and density of oils will vary based on the different fragrance oils causing capacities to vary in each bottle.

This sale item is discontinued and strictly no returns for change of mind purchases.

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