Liquid Soap Colour – Cosmetic Colour -Yellow (25ml)

Liquid Soap Colour – Cosmetic Colour -Yellow (25ml)

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  • Convenient Handling with Glass Eye Dropper: Each bottle of our product comes equipped with a glass eye dropper, ensuring convenient and precise dispensing for your needs.

    Versatile Applications: Our product finds its utility across various applications, including:

    • Lotions
    • Soaps
    • Other industrial products

    Usage Guidelines: When incorporating our product to achieve desired shades in your creations, adhere to the following recommended usage percentages based on the color intensity:

    • Pale Shades: 0.01% or less
    • Medium Shades: 0.05% – 0.1%
    • Dark Shades: 0.3%

    Measurement Technique: For accurate color measurement, it’s advised to measure by weight exclusively.

  • This approach guarantees optimal results in achieving the desired color intensity for your creations.


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