Melt and Pour Soap Base – Crystal NS – No Sweat Transparent (1kg)

Melt and Pour Soap Base – Crystal NS – No Sweat Transparent (1kg)


$18.50 inc. GST

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  • Vegetable-Based Melt-and-Pour Soap Base:
    • Crafted from vegetable sources, our soap base offers a convenient and versatile option for your soap-making endeavors.
  • Designed for Humid Conditions:
    • Tailored to excel in humid environments, ensuring consistent quality and results even in challenging conditions.
  • Transparent Soap Bars:
    • Create stunning transparent soap bars effortlessly using our crystal soap bases, ideal for showcasing vibrant colors and imaginative designs.
  • Versatility for All:
    • From manufacturers to home hobbyists, our crystal soap bases suit various needs, simplifying the soap-making process.

Product Characteristics:

  • Formulation Optimized for Humid Conditions:
    • Crafted to perform exceptionally well in humid environments.
  • Ideal for Unwrapped ‘Naked’ Soap Bars:
    • Perfect for crafting unwrapped soap bars, showcasing the soap’s natural beauty.
  • Impressive Transparency for Vibrant Colors:
    • Achieve vibrant colors and captivating designs with our crystal soap base’s remarkable transparency.
  • Excellent Foaming Performance:
    • Enjoy superior foaming performance for a luxurious washing experience.
  • Superior Color Stability:
    • Maintain color stability over time, ensuring your soap bars retain their appeal.
  • Neutral Odor to Enhance Fragrance:
    • A neutral odor that complements your chosen fragrance.
  • Creative Flexibility for Slicing and Molding:
    • Suitable for both slicing and molding, offering creative freedom in your soap designs.
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