Melt and Pour Soap Base – Crystal – OPC – Foaming Bath Butter (1kg)

Melt and Pour Soap Base – Crystal – OPC – Foaming Bath Butter (1kg)

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    • Crystal OPC Foaming Bath Butter (Sugar Whip):
      • Introducing our trademarked Crystal OPC, the ultimate solution for innovative and versatile product creations through whipping.

    Whip it, Mix it, Create it:

    • Crystal OPC offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to craft various products from a single base, including:
      • Whipped Foaming Bath Butter
      • Sugar Scrubs
      • Body Soufflé
      • Salt Scrubs

    Product Characteristics:

    • Experience the excellence of Crystal OPC with these features:
      • Paraben and MPG Free
      • Suitable for shower, bath, or facial wash applications
      • Yields a creamy lather with impressive foam levels
      • Gentle and mild formulation
      • Non-skin irritant, verified by Zein test
      • Enriched with moisturizing glycerine

    Simple Process:

    • Achieve remarkable results with ease using these steps:
      1. Use a mixer to whip or beat Crystal OPC.
      2. Add sugar, fragrance, essential oils, or other additives.
      3. Continue whipping until you achieve the desired volume.

    Wide Range of Possibilities:

    • Unleash your creativity with Crystal OPC, empowering you to craft a diverse array of whipped-foaming body scrubs and more.
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