Mothers Day Large Urban Jar




Mothers Day Large Urban Jar




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Introducing our exclusive collection crafted especially for Mother’s Day, available in limited stock.

Welcome to the contemporary Urban Collection – an elegant addition to any candle assortment.

Exquisitely fashioned in a spectrum of frosted matte and gloss hues, the Urban Jar embodies the timeless tumbler design, enriched with a refined square base.

LCS Glassware undergoes rigorous ‘candle-testing’ during the manufacturing process. This ensures superior wax adhesion compared to other waxes on the market.

Kindly note, these jars are not suitable for dishwashers. To maintain their pristine appearance, we recommend gently wiping the interior with a damp cloth to remove any excess dust.


External Dimensions: 90mm⌀ x 100mmH

Inner Dimensions: 85mm⌀ x 97mmH Vessel Capacity: 530ml

Approximate Wax Capacity: 430g

(Please note, this suggested pour capacity is indicative and may vary based on individual preferences) Vessel Weight: 150g

Matching Lid: To Be Announced Recommended Wick Size*: LCS85 (wick sizes provided are for reference and serve as starting points. Users are encouraged to conduct their own wick tests with different wax and oil blends.)

Experience the elegance of the Urban Collection – a tribute to modern aesthetics and impeccable craftsmanship.

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