Mould Wick Pin 100mm

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Achieve perfectly centered wicks effortlessly with our Wick Pin, designed to streamline your candle-making process. This innovative tool takes the place of the wick during pouring and is easily removed after the candle has set. Subsequently, a tabbed wick is inserted into the candle from the bottom, ensuring a precisely centered position.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly centers wicks during the pouring process
  • Removes easily after the candle has set
  • Allows for tabbed wick insertion from the bottom
  • Length: 100mm

Note: Own testing is recommended for suitability with various waxes.

Experience the convenience of consistently centered wicks with our Wick Pin, providing a seamless and professional touch to your candle-making endeavors. Craft with precision and ease, enhancing the quality of your creations.

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