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At Luxury Candle Supplies, our Glass Range of jars is distinguished by a meticulous hand mould production process, setting them apart from those created through blown or machine automation. This dedication ensures that our Glass Range stands out in terms of strength, safety, and superior heat resistance compared to others available in the market.

Our LCS Glassware undergoes rigorous “candle-tested” assessment during the production phase, guaranteeing an exceptional level of wax adhesion that surpasses that of other waxes on the market.

While these jars are not suitable for dishwasher use, maintaining their beauty is as simple as using a damp cloth to wipe away any accumulated dust, focusing on the interior surface.


External Dimensions: 105mmØ (top) x 88mmH // approx. 120mmØ (widest point)

Inner Dimensions: 100mmØ (top) x 80mmH

Vessel capacity: 600ml Vessel weight: 320g

For optimal results, we suggest a double-wick configuration using 2 x LCS55 wicks*.

However, it’s essential to remember that conducting personalized wick tests with various wax and oil blends is recommended for the best performance.

Single units are available for purchase, with each carton containing 18 units.

Kindly note that the product photo might differ in color due to lighting and manufacturing conditions. Each vessel will exhibit its distinctive pattern, a hallmark of its individual creation.

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