Oxford Large Base Matte Black (Outside Painted)

Oxford Large Base Matte Black (Outside Painted)


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Key Specifications:

  • Wax Quantity (Unscented): Approximately 285 grams
  • Glass Weight: 401 grams
  • Wick: HTP 126
  • Burn Time: Approximately 48 Hours (using soy wax)

Product Overview:

  • Introducing the Oxford Medium Tumbler, an upgraded version of our classic straight-walled Tumbler that has been a staple for years.
  • The new design features a slightly thicker glass wall, offering enhanced quality and exceptional clarity.
  • Accompanying this, we present fresh lid choices in both metal and timber, each exuding an elegant and snug-fit design that complements the glass profile for a sophisticated touch.

Please Note:

  • The suggested wick size serves as a reference.
  • Keep in mind that specific fragrance and wax combinations may necessitate a smaller or larger wick.
  • Personal wick experimentation is advisable to determine the optimal wick for your individual candle formulation.


  • Jar Size Small
    • Inside Diameter: 59mm
    • Capacity (Wax + Frag.): 100g
    • Glass Weight: 180g
    • Wick (Single): HTP 73
    • Wick (Double): (No double wick)
    • Burn Time Approx. (Soy Wax): 25 hrs
  • Jar Size Medium
    • Inside Diameter: 67mm
    • Capacity (Wax + Frag.): 180g
    • Glass Weight: 296g
    • Wick (Single): HTP 105
    • Wick (Double): (No double wick)
    • Burn Time Approx. (Soy Wax): 33 hrs
  • Jar Size Large
    • Inside Diameter: 77mm
    • Capacity (Wax + Frag.): 285g
    • Glass Weight: 401g
    • Wick (Single): HTP 126
    • Wick (Double): 2 x HTP 62
    • Burn Time Approx. (Soy Wax): 48 hrs
  • Jar Size Extra large
    • Inside Diameter: 89mm
    • Capacity (Wax + Frag.): 400g
    • Glass Weight: 527g
    • Wick (Single): HTP XL100
    • Wick (Double): 2 x HTP 83
    • Burn Time Approx. (Soy Wax): 63 hrs



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