Pillar Mould Soy PM7 15kg


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Introducing our revolutionary Pillar Mould Soy PM7

A cutting-edge blend of soy, refined beeswax, and paraffin wax that combines the distinctive properties of each wax type.

Soy, derived from soybean oil, is renowned for its clean burn and eco-friendliness. Beeswax, sourced from bees and meticulously refined, loses its natural color and honey scent to accommodate fragrance and color additions. Paraffin, a petroleum-based wax, is celebrated for its versatility and superior fragrance retention.

Through this harmonious blend, you’ll experience the best of all three waxes, resulting in a clean burn, remarkable durability for maintaining shape, and exceptional fragrance retention that surpasses pure soy. Crafted in collaboration with ASW and our technical lab, this formulation is tailor-made for pillar candles, molds, and melts.

Employing the same proven hydrogenation process as our other renowned waxes, you can expect the same unwavering consistency and quality that defines All Seasons Wax Co.

Key Features of Pillar Mould Soy PM7:

  • Ideal for melts, pillars, and molds
  • Robust, smooth wax that upholds the shape of any pillar, mold, or melts
  • Long-lasting wax with an extended burn time
  • Anti-sweating properties
  • Higher fragrance tolerance: 8-10%^
  • Exceptional color retention


We encourage you to embark on the enchanting journey of candle-making through your own experimentation. Explore ratios, wicks, temperatures, and scents to achieve your perfect, ready-to-market candle. Download your complimentary candle testing worksheet from All Seasons Wax Company.

Technical Information:

  • Melt Point: Peak melting temperature of 62°C
  • Congealing Point: Congealing temperature of 58°C
  • Suggested Heating Range: 85°C – 90°C*
  • Suggested Range for Adding Color/Additives: 85°C – 90°C*
  • Suggested Range for Adding Fragrance: 75°C – 85°C
  • Suggested Pouring Range: 75-80°C
  • Suggested Max Fragrance Load: 8-10%^ (Varies based on fragrance potency; testing required)
  • Contents: Primarily composed of soy, beeswax, and refined paraffin Please note these figures are recommendations, not instructions.

*Extended heating above 85°C-90°C+ may result in discoloration. ^Value dependent on fragrance quality and potency; testing is necessary for optimal results. Variations also arise from using different types of oils, such as fragrance oil or essential oil. The standard fragrance load for Scents by LCS Fragrance Oils typically ranges from 8-10%.


Unwavering performance consistency serves as the cornerstone of exceptional wax. Once you identify your ideal fragrance ratio through personal testing, Pillar Mould Soy PM7 will meet and exceed your expectations. This wax sets itself apart from others by resisting sweating and oil excretion even in elevated temperatures, ensuring a smooth, non-greasy burn.

Anti-Sweat & Shrinkage:

PM7 boasts remarkable anti-sweat and shrinkage capabilities. This unique blend remains firm, preventing excessive oil release during high heat or light exposure. Its capacity to shrink upon setting simplifies mold removal.

Our Recommendation:

Exercise meticulous care in preparing your pouring conditions and always conduct tests before scaling up production. Note that our recommendations are based on our comprehensive testing and lab findings. Your independent testing is crucial for precise outcomes.


pdf Download the SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

pdf Download the Certificate of Analysis

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