Pillar Wicks – PW4 – 50m Pack

100% Natural replacement for zinc core wicks.

Pillar Wicks – PW4 – 50m Pack

100% Natural replacement for zinc core wicks.

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Braided Cotton Wicks: Enhance Your Candle Crafting

Discover our Braided Cotton Wicks, available in convenient 50-meter packs, designed to elevate your candle-making experience.

Versatile and Reliable Ideal for pillar or mould candles, our wicks offer excellent performance.

Our PW4 sizing is particularly suited for candles with a diameter ranging from 40mm to 50mm at the widest point.

Customize Your Candle Please note that the suggested pillar/mould diameters mentioned are just recommendations. To ensure the best results, we strongly advise users to perform wick tests with various blends of wax and oil that they intend to use. This testing process guarantees optimal outcomes for your candle creations.

Your Questions, Our Answers Should you have any inquiries, we’re here to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us for any clarifications.

Unleash your creativity with our Braided Cotton Wicks and craft candles that radiate elegance and charm.

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