Tall Standley Tin – Matte White (350ml)

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Beautifully crafted metal tin with complimentary loose fit lit.

Safely manufactured for candle making. Please note exterior of the vessel may become hot to touch when the candle is burning.


External Vessel Dimensions (with lid): 92mmØ x 62mmH
External Vessel Dimensions (vessel only): 89mmØ x 61mmH
Internal Vessel Dimensions: 87mmØ x 59mmH
Vessel Capacity: 350ml
Vessel Fill (suggestion only): Approx. 280g+ (vessel fill as per your discretion)
Vessel Weight: 140g

Suitable Lid: Complimentary loose fit metal lid included
Suitable Packaging: TBA
Suggested Wick Size*: 1 x LCS80
*Please note, wick sizes are suggestions only. For optimum results, we recommend users conduct their own wick tests with different blends of wax and oils that they intend to use.

Available in single units.
Carton size: 32 units

Please note, product photo may differ from the actual item in terms of colour due to lighting and/or manufacturing.

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