Dive into the sophistication of our White-colored Travel Tins, available in four versatile sizes, each meticulously crafted for the perfect union of style and practicality.

Precision is paramount in the design of these tins, boasting a seamless base with a raised bottom for enhanced surface protection, ensuring your surroundings remain immaculate. The solid lids, adorned with raised tops, not only guarantee a secure closure but also introduce a touch of elegance to your creations.

Sizes and Specifications:

  1. 2oz – 55mm x 40mm (h) – Holds Approx. 60g
  2. 4oz – 67mm x 46mm (h) – Holds Approx. 90g
  3. 6oz – 73mm x 47mm (h) – Holds Approx. 130g
  4. 8oz – 83mm x 50mm (h) – Holds Approx. 200g

Embark on a journey of discovery with these travel tins, seamlessly adaptable for candle-making, storage, or gifting. Elevate your presentation and packaging with these chic tins, striking the perfect balance between aesthetic allure and practical functionality. Craft your creations with confidence and style.

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