White 250ml PET Boston Tall Bottle with Atomiser

White 250ml PET Boston Tall Bottle with Atomiser

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Introducing our sleek White 125ml PET Boston Round Bottle complete with a White Atomiser, a sophisticated choice for your liquid creations.


  • Neck Size: 24mm
  • Neck Height: 410
  • Height: 171mm
  • Diameter:50mm
  • Max Label Size: 120H x 157.5L

Crafted with precision, this PET bottle is designed to seamlessly blend style and functionality. The white atomiser adds a touch of elegance, making it an ideal choice for a variety of liquids. Elevate your product presentation with this premium packaging solution, and let your brand shine. Explore the versatility of this bottle and atomiser combination to showcase your product with sophistication.


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