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Unveiling Invigorating Elegance: Lemongrass & Cedarwood Fragrance

Fragrance Profile: Immerse yourself in the refreshing, pristine notes of this sophisticated scent—a delicate blend of invigorating lemongrass essential oil, a gentle swirl of lemon verbena, and a bold crescendo of rich cedarwood, vanilla, and musk. Elevate your senses with the harmonious symphony of citrus, woodiness, and decadence.

Crafted Excellence: Our Scent Method fragrance oils are meticulously produced within our in-house perfumery nestled in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. We pride ourselves on incorporating top-tier ingredients sourced from both local and global origins. Our unwavering commitment to stringent quality control and exhaustive testing ensures the creation of fragrances that surpass the highest standards of excellence.

Density and Precision: The distinctive ingredients in each fragrance oil can influence its density and overall weight. Given these variations, we recommend using accurate measurement methods for optimal results. To achieve this, consider weighing your fragrance oil with digital scales or employing volumetric measuring tools like graduated cylinders or volumetric flasks to attain precise volume readings.

Maximum Usages Across Applications:

  • Candle Use: YES, with a maximum usage of 10%
  • Body Use: YES, with a maximum usage of 5%
  • Liquid Soap Use: YES, with a maximum usage of 1%
  • Lotion Use: YES, with a maximum usage of 0.5%
  • Diffuser Use: YES, with a maximum usage of 25%
  • Room Spray Use: YES, with a maximum usage of 1%

Key Specifications:

  • Flashpoint: 64ᵒC
  • Contains Vanillin: YES, at a content level of 0.07%

Elevate your surroundings and personal care routines with the Lemongrass & Cedarwood fragrance—an embodiment of invigorating elegance and crafted excellence.

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