Wooden Wick – S Wood Wick – 30mmW X 120mmH (30 Pack)

Wooden Wick – S Wood Wick – 30mmW X 120mmH (30 Pack)

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Create a different ambiance for your candles with a crackling double wood wick. Each wick includes a metal tab.


Enhance Your Candle’s Ambiance:

Transform the atmosphere created by your candles by incorporating a crackling S Wave wood wick. Every wick comes complete with a metal tab for your convenience.

Product Specifications:

  • Thickness: 0.5mm
  • Wood Wick Dimensions: 30mmW x 120mmH
  • Metal Tab Dimensions: 13mmW x 16mmL x 10mmH
  • Package Content: 30 wood wicks and 30 metal tabs

Usage Instructions:

Please keep in mind that the vessel diameters provided below are mere suggestions primarily for glassware usage. We strongly urge all users to perform their own wick tests, especially when dealing with various wax and oil blends that are part of their creative process.

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