Baby Geo Cut Glass Jar – Royal Blue 4 Pack

Baby Geo Cut Glass Jar – Royal Blue 4 Pack

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  • Introducing Miniature GEO Cut Glass Jar:
    • Elegant Compact Version: Now available in a convenient size! Adored by market traders and online sellers, the versatile and highly popular shape is downsized for perfection.
    • Sophisticated Geometric Design: Cut glass jars adorned with a stunning geometric pattern, adding a touch of elegance to your collection.
    • Handcrafted Durability: Expertly handcrafted, our Glass Range surpasses the competition with enhanced strength, safety, and exceptional heat resistance.


  • External Dimensions: 65mmW x 98mmH (including lid)
  • Internal Dimensions: 56mmW x 50mmH
  • Vessel Capacity: 100-120ml

Inclusive Lid:

  • Elevate your candle experience. Each GEO Cut Glass jar in this range features a classic French top lid, sealing in fragrance and ensuring portability.

Suitable Packaging:

  • Optimal packaging solution with Flat Pack Box Small.

Recommended Wick Size:*

  • LCS55 (*Please note that wick sizes are suggestions. Optimal results can be achieved by conducting wick tests with various wax-oil blends.)

Please Note:

  • Product photos may vary in color from the actual item due to lighting and manufacturing factors.
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