Cosmic Pearl Mini Bowl 135ml (BLUE)

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Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing allure of our Cosmic Pearl Range,

featuring a captivating iridescent finish that graces an assortment of vibrant pearlescent colors.

Crafted from top-quality glass, these mini bowls boast a contemporary profile that positions them as essential candleware. The Cosmic Pearl Mini Bowl is meticulously designed to embody both superior quality and impeccable clarity, adding a touch of elegance to your candle crafting endeavors.

Please be aware that these mini bowls are not suitable for dishwasher use. For maintenance, we recommend gently wiping the interior with a damp cloth to remove any excess dust.


External Dimensions: 74mmW (top diameter) x 50mm (height) // 68mmW (base diameter)

Inner Dimensions: 68mmW (top diameter) x 40mm (height) // 68mmW (widest diameter)

Vessel capacity: 135ml Vessel weight: 142g

Suggested wick size*: LCS60 *Please note, we recommend users conduct their own wick tests with different blends of wax and oil that they intend to use.

Available in single units. Please note that the product photo may differ from the actual item in terms of color due to lighting and/or manufacturing.

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