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Seaside Serenity Fragrance Oil: A Breath of Paradise

Immerse yourself in the essence of paradise with our Seaside Serenity Fragrance Oil, capturing the essence of rolling waves, salty ocean air, and the caress of the warm summer sun. This aquatic symphony brings together the invigorating notes of cooling peppermint, the soothing embrace of lavender, and the earthy richness of moss and honey. Allow yourself to relax and unwind as the pure aqua scent envelops your senses.

An Oceanic Journey of Notes:

  • Top Notes: Embark on this olfactory voyage with the invigorating top notes of fresh peppermint, interwoven with the subtle complexity of coriander and wild lavender.
  • Middle Notes: As the journey unfolds, the heart reveals the harmonious blend of moss, geranium, and jasmine, evoking the lush beauty of coastal landscapes.
  • Base Notes: The final notes of honey, musk, and amber anchor the fragrance, leaving a lingering sensation that captures the serenity of a coastal retreat.

Crafted Excellence: Scent Method fragrance oils are meticulously crafted within our in-house perfumery located in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. We source high-quality ingredients from both local and global origins, and our commitment to excellence is upheld through rigorous quality control and testing.

Precise Measurement: Our fragrance oils are the result of careful formulation, where the composition of different ingredients influences the density and overall weight of the oil. For accurate application, we recommend precise measurement techniques. Use digital scales or opt for a volumetric measuring device such as a graduated cylinder or volumetric flask to ensure the most effective measurement of volume.

A Versatile Oasis: Experience the essence of paradise in various forms, from candles to diffusers, with the Seaside Serenity Fragrance Oil. Enjoy it in:

  • Candles
  • Diffusers
  • Reed Diffusers
  • Room Sprays

Transport yourself to the tranquil shores of a coastal haven with the Seaside Serenity Fragrance Oil, a captivating blend that brings the refreshing harmony of the ocean’s embrace to your space.

Ocean Mist


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